1. Tips On Finding the Right Federal Employee Attorney

    Nobody should face discrimination at work. Unfortunately, this can happen, even in high-ranking government positions. Laws have been in place to protect workers for years, but slip-ups still happen because these are human-run operations. If you believe you’ve been discriminated against at work, call Martzen Law, we can help.…Read More

  2. Laws Designed to Protect Federal Employees

    Federal employment lawyers can help you better understand the myriad of different protections in place for government workers. As time continues, we can only hope that even more measures are put in place to protect our federal workforce. However, it is still rather difficult to find this information on your own. If you need help regarding your government job, please contac…Read More

  3. Understanding The Security Clearance Process

    When you begin your career working closely with the government or military, questions immediately arise regarding security clearance. There are many misconceptions that also arise with security clearance, and it’s important to remain properly informed regarding your job. Security clearance is important, as it is the link between you and government secrets. You must be ac…Read More

  4. Understanding Disability Discrimination

    Overall, it’s crucial to understand that disability discrimination is illegal. Federal employment lawyers at Martzen Law can help you win cases against discriminatory employers. Government employees serve our country every day, and they must be treated with respect. If you think it’s time to file a case against disability discrimination, call Martzen Law today.…Read More

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