It is extremely common for both government workers and government contractors to hold Federal security clearances, and in many instances, the clearance is necessary for them to be employed in a certain position and perform certain duties. If you’re a security clearance holder, you’re well aware that being cleared, with the right level of clearance, is imperative for remaining employed and working on a daily basis in the Federal sector.

This should all be straightforward, however, sometimes an employee is notified that their security clearance is being revoked or denied.

For situations like this, you need to act fast in order to protect your rights. The time frame to respond to official government notices can be as short as a few days. This is when you need to contact an experienced lawyer. At Martzen Law Firm PLLC, we provide various legal services related to security clearances:

  • Pre-clearance counseling
  • Preparation for investigative interviews
  • Preparation for responding to Statement of Reasons, Intent to Revoke/Deny Letters and Final Revocation/Denial letters
  • Arranging requests for hearings
  • Representation via briefs and exhibits
  • In-person representation at hearings
  • Representation for post-denial hearings
  • Preparation and representation for appeals

Attorney Ernst “Mitch” Martzen has spent years on both sides of the aisle, representing both individual clients and representing the government on security clearance and suitability matters. Furthermore, he has instructed federal managers on the legality of denying and revoking security clearances and national security designations. He has experience representing military personnel, prospective Federal employees, and Federal contractors before Federal agencies, including the Department of Defense’s Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).

Steeped in understanding how both sides operate, the Martzen Law Firm can represent your interests to make the case that you should have or keep your clearance.   Martzen Law Firm utilizes legal experience, analysis, and a passion for investigative work and advocacy. Let Martzen Law Firm PLLC put their legal experience to work helping you. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact the firm online or by phone today.