Importance of Federal Security Clearance

Federal government work is an essential aspect of the economy. Some of it is so critically important that ever-increasing numbers of Federal employees and government contractors are finding it necessary to maintain a certain level of Federal security clearance. This helps reassure trust and professionalism on these large-scale projects. As an employee, you know that clearances are your country’s ultimate sign of trust in your competence and character.

In order to obtain, hold, or renew security clearances, you might require legal assistance. You’ll absolutely need legal assistance if your clearance is ever denied or revoked. Here at Martzen Law, we can help. One of our primary focuses is to aggressively represent you and help you gain the clearance you need for your career. No matter if you are looking to obtain clearance for the first time, or you are disputing the denial or revoking of previous applications, we treat all clients with the respect and dedication that they deserve.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, Martzen Law has represented numerous clients and helped resolve a wide variety of legal issues. As head Attorney of Martzen Law, Ernst “Mitch” Martzen has spent three years representing individual clients and four years representing the Federal government. His unique experience and understanding of both sides of these legal battles help to provide an extremely helpful perspective in assisting clients.

Trust Martzen to Fight for You!

If you’ve reached a point in your career where a security clearance has become a necessity, your application has been denied, or your clearance has been revoked, don’t panic. Choose Martzen Law for advice about the clearance and profession you have been seeking out. The experienced staff at Martzen Law has the experience to help, and the willingness to fight alongside you. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone.