When you’re employed by an agency or company, and you witness activity you think might be illegal, it can be very difficult to know when and if you should speak up. Federal employees and government contractors are protected by numerous laws that protect their ability as whistleblowers, to report fraud, and to refuse to engage in unlawful activity.

That all sounds pretty simple, but we can all recall circumstances when a whistleblower reported an illegal act, and the employer retaliated through a demotion, a meaningfully worse assignment, or termination. Your integrity matters, but knowing what information to share, with whom, and when can all be highly subjective. The Martzen Law Firm is here to help.

Attorney Ernst “Mitch” Martzen has spent over a decade practicing Federal employment law and over half a decade focusing on the employer/employee relationship in the Federal government and military sectors. That experience has created a unique and highly useful perspective, one that can potentially help you with your concerns about when and how to blow the whistle on unlawful activities. For more information or to schedule a confidential consultation, contact Martzen Law Firm PLLC  online or by phone today.